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Care and Taste in Every Detail with Dudo Catering

About Us


Experience is everything

19 Years of Experience and Superior Catering Solutions

At Dudo Catering, we offer catering solutions for corporate and private events to suit every demand. Our kitchen team tailors the catering service to the taste of our clients and the requirements of the event. Our services include daily office catering, school catering, large-scale corporate events, weddings and private banquets. Variety and flexibility are the cornerstones of our services.

Our food production process is carried out with quality-controlled ingredients and in working environments that comply with hygiene standards. These processes enable us to offer healthy and balanced menus as well as visually appealing dishes. With our chefs, we aim to offer different experiences to our customers by successfully interpreting flavors from world cuisines as well as Turkish cuisine.

As Dudo Catering, we see every project as an opportunity for collaboration and we work closely with our customers to provide services to meet their every catering need.

Our Services

Daily Table Food Service

Combining our 19 years of experience in catering and our innovative approach, we provide a service beyond the standards. Our daily catering solutions for workplaces and schools offer nutritious and delicious menus that will keep your team energized and motivated and support healthy eating for children and young people.

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Catering Services for Corporate Events

We guarantee the satisfaction of our business partners by offering the most suitable solutions to their various demands. We offer a wide range of concepts and cuisines to cater for a wide range of catering needs such as opening events, launches, corporate breakfasts, meetings and seminars. Each menu is carefully crafted to reflect the tone and style of your event, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

Banquet Catering Services

Special occasions call for extraordinary menus. Our banquet catering services for weddings, parties and special events make your celebrations unforgettable with personalized menus and presentations.


Why Dudo Catering?

Best Quality Materials and experienced team

We make sure that every ingredient we use is the freshest, most natural and highest quality product possible. We transform the ingredients we use into unforgettable presentations with the touch of our experienced chefs.

Different Catering Solutions for Every Demand

We have been in business for 19 years, providing you with a one-stop-shop for the different catering services you need for a corporate event or a special occasion. Our menus are designed to meet different demands and cater to different palates, guaranteeing perfect harmony in every event.

Personalized Catering Services

We offer customized catering solutions that perfectly fit your business and private needs. With our efficient and attentive customer service, we provide our partners with a professional service and a boutique experience. Our approach ensures that corporate catering increases employee satisfaction and productivity.


The role of nutrition in employee productivity is becoming increasingly important. Dudo Catering provides healthy and balanced meals in the office environment, keeping the team energized and productive throughout the day. Research shows that a well-planned nutrition program improves the mental and physical performance of working people. We design each meal to give our customers the energy they need and prevent afternoon slumps. This makes a difference, especially in jobs that require computing and creative thinking. At Dudo Catering, we aim to help your team work happier and more efficiently with the meals we provide.”

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