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As Dudo Catering, we offer catering solutions suitable for every demand for corporate and special events. Our kitchen team tailors the food service to our customers' tastes and the needs of the event. The services we offer include daily office catering, school catering, large-scale corporate events, weddings and personalized banquets. Diversity and flexibility are the cornerstones of our services.
Our food production process takes place with quality-controlled materials and in working environments that comply with hygiene standards. These processes enable us to offer visually appealing dishes as well as healthy and balanced menus. We aim to offer different experiences to our customers by successfully interpreting flavors from world cuisine as well as Turkish cuisine with our chefs.
As Dudo Catering, we see every project as a cooperation opportunity and work closely with our customers to provide service that meets all their food needs.

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Our Mission

As Dudo Catering, we aim to provide superior service to our business partners with meals prepared using the highest quality ingredients. Each plate created by our chefs appeals to both the eye and the palate, as a reflection of our culinary art. Our main goal is to pay close attention to each business partner and ensure that they have a dining experience specific to their demands and needs.

Our Vision

As Dudo Catering, our vision is to be a pioneer in the catering industry and to constantly exceed our customers' expectations with our personalized service approach. With our specially prepared menus for every meal and every event, we aim to raise standards of excellence and ensure that every customer has a unique experience with Dudo Catering.

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Our references

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